Free Download Music

Below are free download music reviews of the well known mp3 sites. There are different choices for music sites online but they belong to two types: those using a file sharing program and those who are legitimate licensed sites.

There is a list of legal music sites and the more common file sharing free download music sites that have unlimited free downloads. The information provided is to help you make a good decision when it comes to where to download music.

Legal Download Music Sites

Rhapsody – This service provide high-quality legal music downloads. Rhapsody has a free 14 day trial to download music. Some would avail of the opportunity to get legal music from the internet by signing up and availing of this opportunity. Apart from the extensive library of music, they have a very user-friendly download service; great sound quality music files and offers amazing features.

eMusic – This site offers the cheapest legal way to download music. eMusic has over 2 million tracks from top independent labels. They are completely focused on independent music. You’ll discover new artists, songs, albums and labels every week.

Napster – This site used to be a very popular free download music facility. The new Napster has very good legal music downloads with membership plans to choose from. There is a 7 day free trial once you register to the site.

Unlimited Free Download Music Sites

Unlimited Download Center – The free download music database is compatible with all players including iPods. This site gives unlimited access to millions of high quality music, games, movies, videos, etc. There are no hidden limits, no fees or subscription costs. The site is very user friendly but tutorials, technical support and free tools are also provided.

Mobile Downloads Pro – Offers from this site are lifetime membership, customer support, fast download and no hidden costs or limited downloads. Millions of satisfied members have already discovered Mobile Downloads Pro as an easy and cheapest way to get unlimited downloads for phones and media players.

Although using a free download music site maybe questionable, they are legal. But as an important reminder, the only way to stay legal when using a file sharing program is to always download and share responsibly.

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